Monday, 8 April 2013

Lesson Three

Is Humpty Dumpty an egg? Where is the evidence to prove that it is an egg? How would this nursery rhyme be of use in a child's math learning experience?  These are some questions that make me wonder... 

I wondered why I had always listen and follow without asking myself why I had followed. But this is how I learnt my math from young, either by copying or by memorising - NO QUESTIONS asked.  But today, I found out that everything has an explanation! For example, the denominator of a fraction represents the name of an equal part of a shape!

In this lesson, I learnt that, an early childhood educator can prepare children to learn fraction by:
1) being wary of our daily instructional language used. For example, triangles are triangles and there is no such thing as upside down triangles.
2) helping children to be familiarise with visualisation through art programs.
3) providing children with sufficient physical motor skill experience, both fine and motor skill, so to develop their muscles in their mind and body.

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